Food and wine tours

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Citrus and Oranges: Ribera is “The City Of Oranges”. In the town and its surroundings are a lot of orange groves and citrus trees, so as to have created a protected designation of origin for Ribera oranges “D.O.P. Riberella”

Fresh fish: at the long pier of the port of Sciacca every day the fishing boats unloading tons of fish and fresh seafood. Here the fishermen are transformed into merchants, creating a unique and evocative folk in the world, offering their products to those who enjoy the flavors of the sea.

Guided tours of the winery and oil mills: the products of Sicily has a growing reputation: besides the famous “pistachio”, the region is among the top producers of olive oil, and red and white wines. It will be easy to find your way indications of farms and mills, as “Carmelo Palermo Oils”, Oil Mill “Carradori”, “Cooperativa Agricola S. Pellegrino” and, for white and red wines, “Planeta” and “Settesoli” vineyards where you can also do tastings.