The Market

everything you need for your holidays

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You don’t need to leave home loaded with everything: when you prepare your bags to spend your holiday in Sicily to Kamemi Village, keep in mind that anything you require you can find it in the supermarket and inside the bazaar inside the Village: products for home care and person care, items for the beach like beach-chairs and umbrellas, children’s toys, vegetables, fruit, biscuits, food and cool drinks. You will find also typical products packaged for sale, wines from the Agrigento area such as Nero d’Avola, or “Settesoli”, “Planeta” of Menfi (AG), and souvenirs to bring a piece of Sicily as a souvenir or as a gift. Then prepare your suitcase and come to Kamemi, remembering that purchase items inside Village Supermarket-Bazaar are cheap and convenient!